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Arch Summit 2021 27 – 28 October Luxexpo – The Box I Luxembourg Lets Go!
Arch Summit 2021 | 27 – 28 October | Luxembourg
Please note the 2020 Arch Summit has been cancelled and will now take place in October 2021 - If you already purchased a ticket you will be contacted by the support team.


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Three great reasons to set up in Luxembourg


Three great reasons to set up in Luxembourg

You are an entrepreneur and you want to attack the European market. Well, you have a lot of choices! All European countries have built their own start-up ecosystems and each is trying to be more attractive than the other.

However, before you make your decision, take a look at what Luxembourg has to offer. Under just three headings. Just to get a glimpse of our ecosystem and especially our vision of start-up entrepreneurship.

Big ecosystems are cool until they're not.

Incubators, start-ups, institutions... We are a family. We support the visionaries and the makers by investing in people and providing access to financial solutions. Luxembourg stands behind the ones who make and do. You will experience this approach as soon as you arrive.

Whether it is a question of your offices or your incubation or acceleration partners, you will find your place in the ecosystem. Moreover, we consider that being small is an advantage, because we know each of our start-ups and their needs. Are you looking for an acceleration programme, a research or innovation partner or a government contact? All you need to do is ask.

Innovation as a political mindset.

Everyone knows it: as an entrepreneur, to have the best chance of success, you need not only a good idea and a lot of passion, but also an environment that is conducive to innovation. Here, the authorities are doing everything possible to produce the perfect chemistry and business environment. In Luxembourg, the government not only relies on innovation to ensure the country’s economic growth, but also counts on the private sector.

Blockchain, AI, cybersecurity, 5G, high performance computing... the major technological challenges ahead are, in its opinion, too important to be in the public domain alone. All major strategies are developed in collaboration with the private sector, including with start-ups.

Luxembourg means Europe.

When you're small, survival depends on the ability to adapt. Luxembourg has always known how to adapt in order to secure its place in Europe, of which it is a founding member. Today, the country has three official languages: Luxembourgish, French and German. It is also considered the 5th most English-speaking country in Europe. It is natural too for Luxembourgers to enter European markets. All the more so in the financial sector, as Luxembourg is holder of the famous European passport allowing it to have access to all Member States.

Nevertheless this does not mean that its small internal market (600,000 consumers) is not interesting. On the contrary, it is considered by many start-ups as an ideal testbed, allowing them not only to test consumers' appetite for a new service, but also to refine their solution. This is especially true from a technical point of view, to be ready when it comes to entering a larger market.

At Arch Summit take the opportunity to visit the Luxembourg Trade and Invest stand. It is dedicated to the start-up ecosystem and you will find there all the main players. Visit us by registering here