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Arch Summit 2021 27 – 28 October Luxexpo – The Box I Luxembourg Lets Go!
Arch Summit 2021 | 27 – 28 October | Luxembourg
Please note the 2020 Arch Summit has been cancelled and will now take place in October 2021 - If you already purchased a ticket you will be contacted by the support team.


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The Startup Arch Experience: ChatLingual


Arch Summit is the ultimate place for startups to connect with key players in the tech industry. Tomorrow Street in partnership with Vodafone and Technoport brought together the leaders of technology in both the corporate and startup worlds at Arch Summit in Luxembourg. Learn about how a startup, ChatLingual, was able to make connections at Arch 2018.

ChatLingual is a startup that connects business to its consumers through language. It allows businesses to mantain easier and better multilingual customer service to support consumers in their own native languages. Since ChatLingual participated in Arch 2018, we asked them about how their experience helped them facilitate action to help their startup grow. 

In 2018, ChatLingual came to Arch with the goal to expand their network with key partners. Arch kept them busy by giving them the chance to connect with numerous groups of people. They connected with many Vodafone key players throughout Vodafone Procurement, Group Technology, Human Resources, Customer Operations and several of its operating companies. Arch created a platform for ChatLingual to make connections and begin productive conversations with supplier partners directly at Arch. 

“We look forward to continuing to foster and grow these relationships at Arch 2019!” 

- Tom McCarty, Vice President of Global Sales at ChatLingual

Since Arch Summit, ChatLingual continues to grow both inside and outside of Vodafone. lt is currently in the middle of some significant deployments for Vodafone Consumer Internet Of Things (CIOT) that will innovate both the customer and agent experiences. Arch Summit helped create partnerships that brought new awareness and opportunities for ChatLingual.

“It was an exciting few days that brought key figures from across Vodafone and their partners together with some of the most innovative startups around.  I was able to build relationships and incubate new ideas for innovative approaches to drive customer experience at Vodafone and elsewhere. I'm looking forward to another amazing few days in Luxembourg!”  - Tom McCarty, Vice President of Global Sales at ChatLingual

Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your startup's innovations and connect with decision makers at this year's Arch Summit on 3-4 April in Luxembourg! Get your tickets here and email for more information on how you can be a part of the new generation of technological ideas!