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Arch Summit 2022: The Time Is Now!

This year at Arch Summit, Tomorrow Street’s flagship tech event, we want to inspire leaders to build green technologies that connect for a better future by enabling inclusive and sustainable digital societies. By using our global reach, we bring together current and future leaders to discuss how to foster environments that create a sustainable and inclusive future in everyday actions. Stay tuned for thought- provoking keynotes, discussion panels, masterclasses and a diverse group of tech leaders and influencers.

Diversity Goals

As a truly inclusive event, Arch Summit welcomes an audience from all over the world, joined to take action to increase diversity and equality in the technology industry and beyond.

Girl Power



This year at Arch Summit we are aiming for a 50/50 gender split of speakers on stage.


of Diversity

We believe in a world where society benefits from individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, and skillsets coming together to discover and create new ideas.


in Tech

We have curated an exclusive list of women thought leaders including Rana El Kaliouby, Patricia Ithau, Sophia Kianni and Serpil Timuray who share  their powerful stories  and encourage more women to join the tech industry. Check out their profiles here.


Networking Session

Arch Summit hosts a Women’s Networking session for women founders and corporate attendees; further details will be available soon. If you’re interested, please register here.



Our ambition is that everyone is able to fully participate in Arch Summit 2022; please inform us of any special requirements when registering or by emailing our team at archsummit@vodafone.lu

Wheelchair accessibility

The venue entrance, auditoriums and bathrooms are accessible by wheelchair and wheelchair spaces can be reserved in all the stage seating areas upon request.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are allowed at Arch Summit; we request individuals to let us know of this on registration to ensure provisions can be made.

Meal options

Lunch is served in the catering zone between 12 Pm and 1.15 Pm. Throughout the day, guests can either use the catering zone or the food trucks. All allergens are listed and made available.

Quiet room

There is access to a quiet room, available for prayer, self-reflection and down-time where required. You can sign up for this space at the event

Gender neutral bathroom

A gender neutral bathroom will be available for guests to use.

Bring what you need

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer all services at Arch Summit such as personal prescribed devices (e.g., eyewear, hearing aids, wheelchairs) and personal services including assistance in eating, transporting, using the bathroom or getting dressed.

Sustainability Goals

To solve the climate emergency, we think that immediate and sustained action is necessary. This year we will focus on innovative technologies and solutions that will support the cause of creating a sustainable future for the next generations.


Leveraging Sustainable Materials And Resources


and Local

We are prioritising organic ingredients and materials that are sourced locally, in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, to reduce our carbon footprint of imported goods.


Live Plants

Excitingly, we have live trees and plants at the event, which are rented locally in Luxembourg and replanted after the event.



At the event, food stalls offer vegetarian & vegan options


Waste Management

We replace single-use items with reusable cutlery. We work with our suppliers and sponsors to provide reusable exhibition booths and replace 80% of carpet use with recyclable carpet and cork.


Green Mobility & Comms

Green transport

To further minimize our ecological impact, we will increase our efforts to encourage our attendees to choose greener travel options. Luxembourg offers free public transport providing attendees with different fossil-free transportation options for traveling to and from the event venue and within Luxembourg.

Digital media

We will be prioritising the use of digital media, particularly the use of screens. If signage is required to be printed, we will make sure that all banners/ posters are reusable.

Sustainable materials

The same commitment is applied for our sustainable lanyards and attendee badges.


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