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Directions to
Luxexpo The Box


Bus : 201, 211, 18, 812


Train : RB


Bus from airport to
venue :
16, 6


Tram : T1

About Luxembourg

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Luxembourg, look no further! This small country is packed with adventure and excitement. From exploring the old city of Luxembourg to great restaurants – some of them Michelin-starred to countless bars and hip cafés, there’s something for everyone. It’s easy to get around Luxembourg and the country offers FREE public transportation.

Places to visit

Head to the ‘visit Luxembourg’ website and check out some of the magnificent landmarks, attractions, and museums this country has to offer.

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Luxembourg's cuisine reflects the country's cultural diversity. From bistro culture to the haute cuisine of gourmet temples: Luxembourg has something delicious to offer!

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Night life

Cocktail bar, lounge bar and more, explore the many facets of Luxembourg nightlife!

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To give you the best discounts, we’ve partnered up with multiple hotels across Luxembourg. Rooms are limited, so be sure to book soon!

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technology ecosystem

Luxembourg is a truly dynamic country with a cutting-edge technology ecosystem. It’s diversified economy and central location at the heart of Europe makes it a perfect environment for businesses to thrive.

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Fit 4 Start –
Luxembourg’s leading
startup accelerator

High-potential digital business ventures with sustainable impact

The startup accelerator targets digital/data-driven venture with innovative technologies at the core of their business: the internet of things, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, cyber, telecom, open-source technology and/or emerging technologies.

A dedicated track offer places to healthtech startups active in fields such as digital therapeutics, digital diagnostics, remote monitoring or care, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics.

This 13th edition of the programme will not only help high-potential startups maximise their chances for commercial success, but also provide them with coaching and awareness raising about how they can have a positive sustainable impact.

Selected ventures will be able to benefit from Luxembourg’s unique business-oriented high performance computer, if relevant to their development. 

This year we are proud to announce that the Fit 4 Start competition will be held at Arch Summit 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!

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